Dear Mike -

Wayne and I cannot begin to thank you for all your hard work. I
realize we still have another big step (final permit), but I feel like
we've overcome a huge hurdle getting the verbal okay from Randy
Marx. This is all due to your diligence and hard work. Please know it
is much appreciated.

The physical beauty of the Olympic Peninsula was what initially drew
us to your area - but it has been the kindness and friendliness of
people like yourself that have made the most impact.

Thanks again!

Carolyn Hawks
Dear Mike,

Thank you for the effort you put into the design work for my septic system.
I appreciate the extra effort you did to insure the project went smoothly. I
have not had the opportunity to build a house before and heard the
process was long and arduous. You made this first portion of the
construction quite bearable.

Besides bringing the project in on time and at budget, the completeness of
the paperwork you supplied was impressive. The Jefferson County
Department of Community Development saw the plans and commented
about my use of a good engineer (designer).

You are welcome to use this letter in any way you see fit. I would be glad to
act as a reference for you in the future.


Bob Carter

I appreciate you taking the time to go over everything in person. We're much
clearer now on what needs to happen. Thanks for your attention to our concerns.
I can see now just how appropriate the name, "Creative Design Solutions" is.

Thanks again. Warm Regard,

Cynthia Brouwer
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info. I have been told by lots of locals, including my
realtor, that you are the best expert in town! So considering this,
please proceed with whatever you deem appropriate and necessary,
but do also keep me informed as to all proceedings and expected

Thanks you,

Laurie L.R. Anderson
Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for your work on the septic system for Lot 15.

Carl & I know you have an extremely busy schedule & we really
appreciate how you expedited the project for us.

We will wait to hear from you about Lot 16.

Judy Temple & Carl Schewersinske