Michael S. Deeney

Michael S. Deeney has been been involved with on-site septic systems since 1982.
Over this time Mr. Deeney has worked on over 2,400 septic system related projects.
This experience allows Mr. Deeney the ability to determine the most cost effective
system for a given site that will meet local and state code and provide a long system
life. This experience also allows Mr. Deeney the ability to attain septic permits for
difficult site where others have not had success. Combined with accurate mapping
and custom software this provides the ability to solve difficult sites in the most cost
effective manner possible (yes, Mr. Deeney also designs for straight forward sites).

Commercial Projects have included restaurants, grocery stores, casinos, department
stores, R.V. Parks, office buildings, lumber mills, dog kennels, veterinary clinics,
resorts, hotels, youth camps, churches, taverns, rehabilitation centers, bed and
breakfast establishments, and theaters.

Community Projects have ranged in scope from 2 to 100 homes with septic system
feasibility studies up to 154,000 gpd.

Projects have ranged from feasibility studies to full site research (property lines,
critical areas, etc.), site / soils evaluation, design, and construction inspection /
management (including operation and maintenance). Septic system design work has
been predominantly in Jefferson and Clallam County, although projects have also
been performed in Island, Kitsap, Mason, and Thurston Counties along with several
projects in the Klamath Falls area of Oregon.